What is a “sales professional”?

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Salespeople are all around us. CEO’s, revolutionists, pacifists, friends and family are all salespeople. Anyone that tries to express or “sell” their ideas is a salesperson. After all, where would society be in general without being motivated?

In its truest sense, selling is an ability to direct others toward a desired outcome. I would go so far to say that everyone has the innate ability to sell. However, to become a sales professional is much more than that. Only when you can successfully sell day in and day out for years can honestly hold the title of “sales professional.” But how can you find long term success in sales?

Understand you are a professional. As a professional, you need to take ownership of your career. Wake up every day and ask yourself “what do I have to do today? Will it have an impact?”

Continually learn

What are you doing to engage the best you? Asking yourself, “What book am I reading that’s relative to improving my ability to sell and solving problems for my clients?”

If you want to be the best salesperson, you have start with yourself. If you can’t sell yourself, how do you expect to sell your product? It’s not someone else’s responsibility to hone your sales ability, it’s your responsibility.

Be consistent

If you’ve read the books and you’re still not having success, it comes down to one thing: you’re not being consistent. Create a system and practice it every day. Simply practicing will guarantee your success because so few people stick to plan every day.

Prospecting is a priority

As a salesperson your number one priority is to prospect. You need to have a prospecting plan that you do every single day. I personally spend a minimum of four hours a day prospecting. I work 8 hours a day, but I truly prospect for four hours a day. I’ll never stop working for the day without prospecting for those four hours!

Can you say you consistently prospect every day? Are you looking at ways to be more efficient?

No excuses!

Excuses rob you of financial gain. For every excuse you make, assign a dollar sign to it. Several years ago I started writing out the number of hours I wasn’t prospecting. What I learned is that my lack of being consistent was leaving thousands of dollars a month on the table. I became angry. Now, I determine the number of hours I’m going to spend prospecting and I stick with it.

Are you taking care of yourself? Are you growing your skills? Are you increasing your knowledge by reading? Are you prospecting consistently? Achieved a lot in life by staying consistent to the plan.

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