Industries ready for a data-driven startup

Evan Anderson, Oseberg

There are tremendous opportunities in our country for data-driven startups, particularly in Oklahoma City. Several industries have issues that could be resolved with effective use of data—but so far, there’s a gap between that need and the people who are ready and able to fill it.

Oseberg uses data to solve problems in the oil and gas industry, and we’ve found significant need for intelligent use of big data in that field. But that’s not the only place where you could make a big impact with a data-driven startup.

All kinds of industries are starting to think about how software and big data can help them accomplish their goals more effectively. Notable industries include:

  • Agriculture
  • Aviation
  • Defense
  • Transportation and logistics

You’ll have a lot more traction in industries that have a need for data-driven solutions but aren’t currently receiving them. For example, a startup accelerator in Chattanooga focuses only on transportation and logistics. They don’t accept any startup ideas for other industries.

That specificity is a little odd, if you’re familiar with the way startup accelerators work, but they’ve seen excellent results. In fact, the trucking company Ryder is working with the entrepreneurs in this accelerator to find solutions to problems that already exist in the transportation industry. They needed solutions, but nobody in their industry was using big data to find them—until now.

Personally, I’d much rather do work in transportation and logistics where nobody is creating the solutions they need (and they’re willing to pay a lot of money to get them!) than in a saturated market like social media ad space.

In Oklahoma in particular, we have insight that other parts of the country do not have into these industries that can benefit from big data: agriculture, aviation, defense, and transportation and logistics.

If you’re looking to launch a startup locally, I urge you to consider these industries. Especially if you can help them find data-driven solutions to their problems. There aren’t enough people doing that yet, and the industry insights we have in Oklahoma will help you provide necessary answers to industry-wide questions.

Given the choice of a market wanting answers (and willing to pay for them) or a market that’s saturated with people trying to “make it”—think Silicon Valley—I’ll take the hungry market every time. Now is a great time to launch a data-driven startup in Oklahoma City.

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