Social media platforms for business

Gunnar Hood, WSI-Summit

My wife and I started WSI Summit back in 2012. Prior to that I spent more than 25 years in financial services, mostly at the leadership level. I now call myself a reformed corporate executive.

Because of my background, we often end up working with organizations in the B2B space. One of the questions I get asked often is which social media platform businesses should be on.

Little things make a big difference

What we’ve found by working with some of our strategic partners is that sometimes the little things you can do really make a big difference in the outcomes you have. You can do some very small things that have big results for you when it comes to your digital marketing. It’s true on your website especially, but it’s also true with social media.

If you choose the wrong platform or just don’t have expert guidance, you can end up wasting a lot of time, money, and other resources.

Put strategy first

The way we approach it is really by putting strategy first. You need to understand who your customer is and where you are going to find them online looking for the things that you do.

Too many times we run into clients who have made mistakes with social media. Maybe they’ve gone to the wrong channel because it was the trendy thing to do. Maybe they under-invested or over-invested. Maybe they just didn’t know how to use the platform, or maybe it was the wrong channel altogether.

The solution is a strategy-first approach. In the B2B space, that means we end up doing a lot of work on LinkedIn. That doesn’t rule out the other ones, but it is the platform that tends to make the most sense for our clients.

Consistency is important

Consistency is also an important thing regardless of which platform you do choose. And consistency means different things to different people. If somebody is doing social media posts once a day, that’s consistent. But if your capability is only doing it once a week, that’s okay too. Just be consistent about doing it once week.

Over time you’re building a certain expectation with your audience. They know how often you’re going to post on social media. If you’re random, they really don’t know what to expect from you.

The key on social media is to be thoughtful, put strategy first, and be consistent. Ask yourself where the best ROI is going to be.

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