OKPSA Launched in 2013

The Oklahoma Professional Sales Association (OKPSA) was formed in 2013 to provide an opportunity for successful salespeople and business owners to interact on an informal but upscale basis.

Almost every profession has an association, why not sales?

Our founder, Mike Crandall, (Owner of Sandler Training of Oklahoma) recognized that there were many opportunities for amateur and unsuccessful salespeople to interact but that there was no true professional organization for successful salespeople.

There are a number of organizations for those in leadership positions like CEOs and company presidents. There are organizations for the practitioners of every other professional career but heretofore no organization dedicated solely to the one group on which every business depends: high-achieving salespeople.

Businesses can’t grow without sales

In every business someone is responsible for top line results. Without a substantial top line there can be no bottom line and inevitably there will be no business. The people responsible for that top line are salespeople.

Salespeople go by many names

Often, indeed usually, the number one salesperson of the organization is the owner. Sometimes he or she is the only salesperson. Medical, law, and accounting practices employ salespeople though they are often referred to as “partners”, sometimes “rainmakers”. Engineering and scientific firms have salespeople too, though they may go by the name “business developer” or even “marketing rep“. In every firm someone brings in new business or the firm ceases to be.

It’s not about handing out the most business cards

The world is awash in salespeople. They can be found at chamber of commerce events, leads club, and myriad networking event. While these venues provide useful services they are not particularly selective in their membership nor are they selective in whom they allow to attend their events. Among their members and guests are many salespeople who are only “passing through” the profession – it isn’t their long-term career.

Committed members

The Oklahoma Professional Sales Association (OKPSA) is focused on a different crowd. Our members are committed to their profession and are successful in the craft of selling. Their reason for involvement centers on conversation and building relationships with worthy peers rather than a search for leads.

Education, not training

The Oklahoma Professional Sales Association (OKPSA) does not provide sales training. But we do provide educational opportunities for salespeople through the talks given by our speakers.

For high quality sales training provided Sandler Training please visit www.customgrowth.sandler.com. For other educational opportunities for salespeople there are links provided on the Blog section of this website.

Relationships, not leads

The Oklahoma Professional Sales Association (OKPSA) is not a leads club. No formal introductions are made. Commercial pitches and solicitations are not part of our agenda.

What you CAN expect

  • OKPSA is a place to have engaging conversations with other business leaders, sales professionals and growth minded people.
  • Every month (except December), we enjoy a leisurely, quality meal at great venue.
  • The structure is designed to allow ample time to get to know other people. There is no association-imposed structure to the table conversation.
  • While dining we enjoy an informal talk presented by a successful entrepreneur.
  • Our speakers are accomplished both as salespeople and communicators. They are business leaders in our community. They are business owners or presidents and are chosen for their ability to educate, inspire, and entertain.

We have two simple rules that make our luncheons special:

  1. Our members are all successful and are not hungry for leads
  2. We never start a sentence by saying “A good lead for me is…”

Membership by invitation

The Oklahoma Professional Sales Association (OKPSA) membership is by invitation only. We highly encourage you to review the Why Us? and Why Not Us? pages on our website to determine if OKPSA might be a good fit for you.

The Oklahoma Professional Sales Association (OKPSA) accepts a limited number of guests at each meeting. If you qualify and would be interested in attending, please call Mike Crandall at (405) 844-1700.