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3 lessons for better digital marketing

Back in November 2019 we had a special treat at OKPSA. We had our first ever panel that shared how digital technology fits in with sales, and much of that bridged into marketing.

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5 key processes your business should have

There are two businesses in the same industry that are roughly the same size; they have about the same number of employees and the same amount of revenue.

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Round House: Made in America since 1903

When Jim Antosh spoke at our OKPSA luncheon, he shared the story of Round House Workwear, the oldest operating manufacturing company in Oklahoma. Round House has been Oklahoma-owned since it started in 1903 and is currently headquartered in Shawnee.

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The key to long term sales

If you’re a Thunder season ticket member, you might get asked questions from your account manager about how many dogs you have, how old your children are and when your wedding anniversary is.

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Building client relationships the Thunder way

You might think trying to sell Thunder tickets is possibly the easiest job in the city. In some ways it is. “When I got here 5 years ago, 7 out of 10 people I spoke to were not NBA basketball fans prior to the Thunder,” said Scott Loft, Vice President of Ticket Sales, Retention and Database Operations for the Oklahoma City Thunder.

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Grow your industry, grow your business

Miles Hall, owner of H & H Shooting Sports sat down with me for a Q&A about how he and his wife, Jayne, built a highly successful business and reinvigorated an industry that was becoming stagnant. This is part two of our two part session.

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Take care of the customers your competitor is ignoring

Miles Hall, Founder & President of H & H Shooting Sports sat down with me for a brief Q&A about how he and his wife, Jayne, built a highly successful business, and reinvigorated an industry that was stagnant. This is part one of our two part session.

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How do you treat clients a year after the sale?

Most salespeople I know like repeat business, but very few of them put in the effort to make that happen. Even sales veterans are guilty of dropping the ball once the first sale is complete and moving on to the next prospect.

Obviously, you’ve always got to work at bringing in new clients, but taking your existing clients for granted and not maintaining those relationships is a surefire way to make your first sale with them you’re only sale with them.

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How we sell is more important than what we sell

It takes a lot of work to get to the point that you’re sitting down to meet with a potential client or even scheduling that meeting in the first place. Discovering the prospect, networking towards them, getting an introduction – all these things take a lot of time and effort.

But if we’re not careful, we can blow the sale and waste all that work before we’ve even had a chance to explain what we’re selling.

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How much is your rolodex worth?

Not many of us use actual rolodexes any more. Most of us went digital several years ago. All those contacts who used to be represented by paper cards now have their home in our e-mail and on our cell phones.

I think we may have lost something in the transition. I’m not anti-technology. It just that when a contact is just a name on a screen it becomes harder to appreciate the value of that relationship.

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