Chuck Smith, NewHire

Chuck Smith, NewHire

Date(s) - May 17, 2017
11:30 am-1:00 pm

Devon Tower, 50th Floor

$55 for nonmembers
$40 for members
No monetary investment for virtual luncheons

Chuck Smith, President at NewHire, is our speaker for May.

During his talk, he will share insights for sales professionals drawn from his experience in the recruiting field and in running NewHire.

About Chuck Smith

Chuck Smith was a successful corporate recruiter for years. During his work as a recruiter, he recognized that by combining his expertise with new technology, he could dramatically increase both the efficiency and effectiveness of the recruiting process for smaller companies.

About NewHire

NewHire provides the candidates, the hiring tools and the coaching to help small and mid-sized business hire better. We help companies through every step of the hiring process–starting with writing your job description all the way to conducting background checks on your top candidates. Our packages feature our Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) that screens and sorts candidates, taking your 100-person resume pile down to a few qualified candidates. Our packages are based on the amount of service and work you want us to provide during the hiring process. We’ll give you all the tools– you pick the package that works best for you.