Gunnar Hood, WSI-Summit

Gunnar Hood, WSI-Summit

Date(s) - November 16, 2022
11:30 am-1:00 pm

Devon Tower, 50th Floor

$55 for nonmembers
$40 for members
No monetary investment for virtual luncheons

Gunnar Hood, co-founder of WSI-Summit, will be our speaker in November. At age 50 and the peak of his corporate career, Gunnar walked away to launch his own business. He says this could have been the stupidest thing he ever did. Ten years later, he’s learned a few things and plans to share those lessons – both successes and obstacles. If you or someone you know is thinking of starting a business, you might learn something that helps with that decision.

About Gunnar Hood

Gunnar Hood has a passion for helping businesses leverage technology and the Internet to gain visibility and drive business growth.

Before launching WSI-Summit in 2012, Hood spent 25 years in leadership roles with Fortune 100 financial service companies, designing and implementing customer-focused services.

An entrepreneur at heart, Hood transitioned from the corporate world to business ownership to fill a gap he identified in the marketplace: Businesses were struggling to keep up with the increasing complexity of the Internet. They were losing business to competitors with better online strategies and visibility.

Hood recognized that the chasm between SMB’s and Enterprise level businesses was growing wider and to compete, SMB’s needed access to both the strategies and tools used by Fortune 500 companies.

Hood partnered with WSI Digital Marketing, the world’s largest network of digital marketing agencies, to deliver on those needs. Founded in 1995, WSI has over 450 offices in 80 countries.

Married for 34 years, Gunnar and his wife Leslie live in Edmond and have 3 grown children. As empty-nesters, they enjoy international adventure travel.

About WSI Internet Marketing

In 2012 Hood saw that Oklahoma trailed the nation in leveraging the internet to attract new customers and serve existing customers. As he met with businesses, he learned that they were overwhelmed by the increasing complexity of the internet. Many had a website, yet they couldn’t tell if it was bringing them any new business. Business leaders often said they were tired of spending time finding and managing separate suppliers for their website, SEO, social media, etc. Even worse, they had no way of holding their suppliers accountable for results.

Focus on results with an integrated web presence

Borrowing on his business and technology experience, Hood set out to create a solution to the problem facing many Oklahoma businesses. He launched WSI-Summit, bringing to market the combination of the global knowledge and footprint of WSI Digital Marketing with Hood’s business experience and local market knowledge. The combination allows him to provide a consultative approach to understanding a company, its business, and its customers while delivering fully integrated solutions that produce measurable results.