Miguel Camacho, Camacho Land Design

Miguel Camacho, Camacho Land Design

Date(s) - February 15, 2023
11:30 am-1:00 pm

Devon Tower, 50th Floor

$55 for nonmembers
$40 for members
No monetary investment for virtual luncheons

Miguel Camacho, owner of Camacho Land Design, will be our speaker in February. Miguel will share about starting, building, and growing a mission-driven business.

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About Miguel Camacho

Miguel launched Camacho Land Design, LLC in 2013 after a ten-year career path in creative writing, digital marketing, sales, business development, and project management. He was led toward his new career in landscape design, being convicted that he was where God wanted him. He now serves new clients and team members by combining past business, communication, and creative experience to lead teams in design consulting, complex project installs, and mentorship. He still uses EVERY last skill he has ever gleaned in order to run this business, and it’s a beautiful thing when it blends in powerful “ah-ha” moments along the way.

About Camacho Land Design

Camacho Land Design is a disability-owned landscape design team founded in 2013. It is their conviction to passionately serve their clients’ landscaping needs, and they look forward to working with new clients, nurturing established relationships, and dreaming challenging projects into reality.

Their team brings 25 years of project management and design experience to ideate, plan, and serve from start to finish. They employ case study project experience and perspective to marry aesthetic distinction with sustainability and functionality. Above all, they faithfully rely on and rest in HIS guidance through every client relationship that forms. They’re obsessive about their landscape projects, but they’re intentional about the real reason they are invited to build them.