Ryan Jacob, Mindglobal

Ryan Jacob, Mindglobal

Date(s) - March 16, 2022
11:30 am-1:00 pm

Devon Tower, 50th Floor

$55 for nonmembers
$40 for members
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Ryan Jacob, Senior Director of Business Development at Mindglobal, will be our speaker for March. Ryan will share how he built a successful sales career as a young professional, including how he was able to repeatedly build and scale territories to 15x for multiple organizations.

About Ryan Jacob

Ryan Jacob has been in sales for his entire professional career. He attended the University of Central Oklahoma, graduating in 2014 as one of the earliest graduates of their professional selling program. Since graduating, he has sold everything from high-end clothing to software licensing and support.

A self-described servant leader and sales nerd, Ryan is a big believer in continuing to learn after school ends. He has continually invested in his own ongoing professional and personal development.

About Mindglobal

Mindglobal is a telecom expense management company. Their focus is in three areas: Wireless Telecom, by supporting domestic and global enterprises to reduce costs and improve efficiency; Fixed Telecom, through engineering solutions to cut costs while improving performance; Cloud Management, by reducing cost and improving security while optimizing billing, identifying vulnerabilities, and auditing for compliance for various regulations.

At Mindglobal, they believe that one-size does not fit all but rather through understanding their client’s business and their customer’s employee’s needs they can customize their support to help them save money, become more efficient, and ultimately increase productivity for their IT, telecom, procurement, sales, support, and executive teams.