David Curran

David Curran


David is a Keynote Speaker, Consultant, Coach and Trainer focused on Sales, Leadership, and Customer Service.

He is brought in by visionary leaders and revenue drivers to develop effective communication interactions, harness human dynamics, and uncover subconscious psychology. Clients experience positive, lasting, behavioral growth.

David spent 25 years leading results-driven organizations in southern California, responsible for vision, generating revenue, and developing people. Roles included National Sales Leader, GM, VP Multi-National Organization, University VP, and Performance Consultant, among others.
David is a part of Sandler Training of Oklahoma. His firm specializes in helping leaders identify the Blind Spots that are holding them back, break out of their Comfort Zones, and then implement the Systems, Behaviors, and Guts to become more Successful.

David regularly speaks for the major Chambers in the OKC metro area, universities, trade organizations, and churches and was recently nominated by the OKC Young Professionals organization for the “Aspire” award.

David will celebrate 40 years married to his childhood sweetheart, Kathy, this year. He has two grown children and three amazing granddaughters. He enjoys the Arts, Sailing, Biking, Exploring, and everything family. He is passionate about the power of transformation and having a process – not just winging it.