Gunnar Hood

Gunnar Hood


I’m at my best when I’m helping C-Level executives, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs understand how to leverage the many facets of the Internet to support their business objectives. Most business leaders want to grow sales, revenue and profits while increasing the value of their brand. Yet they often struggle when asked how their online properties are aligned with their overall business strategy.

The next time someone asks you why you have a website, wouldn't you rather be able to say something like: "We understand our buyers, what information they are looking for, where they look for it and how to drive them to take action. As a result, we are seeing double digit sales growth thanks to our integrated online strategy".

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It is not uncommon for us to hear a business leader tell us they are:

Frustrated because prior digital marketing efforts didn’t generate the returns they wanted. “We tried that Facebook thing and it didn’t work out”.

Worried about the impact online reviews and social media could have on their business. They’ve seen the stories and don’t want to be the next victim.

Angry when they can’t find their own products and services in a Google search. If they can’t find them, how will their customers find them?

Concerned they just don’t have good data to help them make the right decisions. What get’s measured gets done.

Afraid the board will fire them when they learn the low cost solution backfired and instead cost twenty times more to fix it.

We’ve worked with thousands of organizations facing similar circumstances and helped them gain control and confidence in harnessing the Internet by delivering customized, integrated solutions that deliver measureable, repeatable, and profitable results.

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