Josh Morphew

Josh Morphew

Insightful Tax and Advisory Services

I have always been a huge people-person, the client-facing side of any job I have had has always been my favorite. I did well enough in school, but most of my teachers would agree I enjoyed conversations with classmates much more than the rigors of lectures and homework discussions.

Entrepreneurial tendencies were exhibited early on, I was naturally gravitating to what I was most comfortable with, interacting with other people. I knew I wanted to run my own business, I had no idea what that business would be, but I knew that was was what would truly make me happy in the long run. I decided to study accounting and finance, I wanted to understand everything I could about the financial side of a business.

Schooling and early work assignments could never have prepared me for the true learning that comes with actually owning and operating your own business. Running a business with employees is extremely demanding, and it didn't necessarily get easier as the businesses grew. Things actually became more difficult as the company became more successful. It became very difficult to focus on the sides of the business I enjoyed he most, maybe you have experienced something similar?

After running two small service businesses and most recently, selling one to an outside Buyer, I have decided to go into self-practice and grow a business advisory and tax planning practice from the ground up. While there are many challenges, risks and difficulties associated with starting a new business, the return and reward potential coupled with freedoms of a self-directed future are what drive me.