Video Production & Media Planning

DesignTunnel is a full-service video production company in Oklahoma City that specializes in creating engaging video content for a wide range of clients. They’ve been offering video production in OKC since 2010 and work with a variety of clients to help them create powerful videos to connect with customers.

Needs assessment to final production

DesignTunnel starts every project with a discussion about your goals. What are you trying to accomplish as an organization? What are your specific goals for your video project? As a full-service studio, they offer video needs assessment, scriptwriting, animations, professional audio, editing and production, digital marketing, and media placement. They also offer video analytics for clients who want to better leverage and track their use of video across all platforms. Most importantly, they tailor each project to fit your goals and your budget.

Flexible locations

Whether you need video on-site at your office, during an outdoor event, or in a quiet studio atmosphere, DesignTunnel can help. As video experts, they have all the equipment and the experience necessary to capture high-quality video and audio in just about any setting. They also have a 600 square foot video studio to use for client projects, and they also rent out the studio if you just need a quiet space to record video or audio.

Additional marketing services

Their core service is video, but DesignTunnel also has extensive experience in branding, graphic design, and animation. With DesignTunnel’s talent, they are able to help clients create a strong foundation for their brand and support a wide range of marketing goals. If there’s something you need that they don’t offer, they can connect you with one of several trusted referral partners to meet your specific needs.

If you’re looking for help with marketing or video production, give DesignTunnel a call today at 405.388.9380 or visit their website at