Why Us?

Keep in mind, our organization is not about sales training. If you need that, our founder is the owner of Sandler Training Oklahoma. Rather, we’re about giving people the ability to connect with each other and share what works.

Here are some reasons we WOULD be a good fit for you:

  • You have strong desire to build and expand your network of professional / personal connections.
  • You are interested in helping others make connections for greater success.
  • You enjoy sharing and learning from other successful sales professionals.
  • You are committed to a career in sales and want to learn things that would help you become a better sales professional, improve your leadership toolkit, and drive sales growth.
  • You are a…
    • CEO
    • President
    • Executive Director
    • Development Director
    • Vice-President of Sales
    • Director of Sales
    • Sales Manager
    • Sales Professional
    • Growth-minded leader

In the Oklahoma Professional Sales Association, top producers visit with each other, and share what they did and how they did it. Our organization only accepts a higher level of individual who is focused on professional development and personal growth.

Ready for that next level of sales? Contact us to ask to visit an upcoming meeting.