Three tips to scale your business

Bill Davey, Globelink Security Systems

A lot has changed when it comes to sales and scaling your business, especially since I started selling back in 1994. Here are three tips on setting your business up for success by making it scalable.

First, the internet has really changed the game. There’s a wave coming and if you don’t dedicate the majority of your time to online efforts, you’re not going to have a business in the future.

You have to be connected to your customers! I’m learning how to sell online and I’m learning a lot about SEO. We’re having so much success with our online efforts that as of right now, I’ve stopped advertising elsewhere. Our SEO has become so powerful that I don’t need to anymore.

If I can shave off $150,000 of my advertising budget by moving everything online, it makes for a better future for my company.

Second, as we grow, I’m working on selling through a team. In the past, I’ve always had the mentality that “no one can do it better than I can.” But I had to teach myself that I need to think differently.

I need to be less of a doer and more of a teacher. I now teach teams of people how to sell our products. I’m not very good at that yet and I’m working on it every day, but I know it’s best for the company and my personal future.

Third, and I never thought I’d say this, but now I’m a writer. I’m writing blogs, emails, newsletters, and getting my social presence going. You have to be an expert in your business if you want to succeed and sometimes it takes you stepping away from the day-to-day to really find success.

Focusing my efforts on teaching, training and empowering my team has allowed my company to grow exponentially. As business owners, we also have to realize the enormous opportunity the internet has provided us to promote and grow our businesses. The future for us is bright and I’m continually focused on our next big steps.

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