Focus on the why

Robin Smith, WeGoLook

In business, when things get difficult (and that’s when, not if), you have to know where to focus to keep going. It might be your family, it might be the entrepreneurial drive that got you started in the first place—it might even be that you just really believe in what you’re offering, and think that everyone needs an opportunity to take advantage of it.

One of the things I’ve found to be really helpful during stressful times is to focus on who I’m able to help with my business. For me, that’s the why.

At WeGoLook, we do help our clients on a daily basis by enabling them to make informed decisions. I’m sure your work benefits your clients as well—or they wouldn’t be your clients!

But I encourage you to dig a little deeper and think about who else your company benefits. For me, it’s our Lookers. Our Lookers are stationed around the country and quickly provide information about a purchase, insurance claim, or other transaction to our clients. And as I started getting to know my Lookers in the field, I realized that they are a great source of inspiration to keep me going when things get stressful.

Our Lookers are your neighbors; they operate as individual contractors like Uber drivers, and they make commission on Looks based on how long, complex, or difficult a Look is.

One of our Lookers sent me a letter near Christmas that I often think back on. She was a single mom, taking care of two children, and she had been worried about how she was going to be able to afford Christmas for her girls. Fortunately, she’d performed three of our higher-compensation Looks, and she sent us a nice, thoughtful thank-you note letting us know that she would be able to provide a really good Christmas for her girls that year because of it.

Sometimes I think about a father-daughter team of Lookers in New Jersey. The daughter was out on a Look when her car died. Her father came out to help her and ended up going on the Look with her, and liked it so much that he decided to become a Looker himself. Before that, he was retired and spent most of his time sitting at home watching TV. Now, he’s able to enjoy activity again, and he and his daughter will sometimes send us fun pictures while they’re out on Looks together.

For me, it’s inspiring that what WeGoLook does is helping our Lookers, not just our clients. So when your work life gets stressful, take a step back. Find inspiration in who you’re able to help because of what you do—and you may be surprised by who that is!

That’s your why, when things get difficult. Focus on who you can help, and you’ll be able to power through those stressful times in your business.

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