What powers your business?

Mike Crandall, Sandler Custom Growth Solutions

CEOs and executives often wonder how much they really need to focus on sales. It shouldn’t outweigh their focus on other parts of their business, right?

Here’s where you’re probably scratching your head, if you’re a salesperson. If you or your sales team aren’t out there making sales, the rest of the company doesn’t have any money for the other aspects of business!

Now, everyone’s entitled to think that their department is the most important, but here’s why I like to think that every business is powered by their salespeople.

Think of a train. There are a lot of compartments, and each of them has a specific duty. Similarly, your workplace has different departments—you probably have HR, accounting, marketing, advertising, and logistics departments. Or you may have a different mix of departments.

But you know what every successful business needs to have? Sales. It’s like the engine of a train.

You can have a lot of different cars on a train, but if you don’t have an engine, it simply won’t run. In the same way, you can have the most capable marketing team, the most reliable HR department, or the fastest and most accurate accountants—but if you don’t have a successful sales department, those other departments will eventually be unable to do their jobs.

Maybe you’ve heard the phrase, nothing happens until somebody sells something? That holds true across the board for businesses.

Your position is vital to your company’s health, whether you’re an entrepreneur serving as the sole salesperson or part of a large team of salespeople. When you win, the rest of your company wins, too.

Frustrated that your company isn’t valuing its salespeople enough? This may be a helpful analogy for you to use.

And if you’d like to prioritize your own growth as a salesperson, you may want to consider joining us at our OKPSA luncheons. I can’t guarantee we’ll be a good fit for you, but if we are, I think you’ll be able to learn a lot.

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