Getting people more engaged

Michael Knopp, Oklahoma City Boathouse Foundation

At the OKC Boathouse Foundation, we believe that the Oklahoma River has the power to change lives. It can help Oklahoma City become a stronger, healthier community. But to continue to accomplish that goal, we have to get people further engaged.

Of course, isn’t that true with any business or organization? To really accomplish your mission, you have to get the people you already know more involved.

For us, that means asking ourselves, “How do we enhance what we’ve already created?”

We’ve worked extremely hard over these last few years to build a great community of individuals and organizations across the world. And those partnerships have been extremely valuable.

Perhaps you have already established relationships and partnerships in your organization. How can you use those relationships you’ve already built to accomplish your mission?

The key is additional engagement from people that already have a relationship with you.

That’s a big part of our vision for the future at the OKC Boathouse Foundation. Let’s face it, if you live in the mountains, you’re probably going to learn how to ski. Our vision is that you live in Oklahoma City next to this world class venue that we have, you should probably be involved.

Since so many people are already engaged with us, increasing that engagement is a big part of our vision for the future. We want to focus on making it part of the lifestyle of the people in our community.

For us, one way that’s happening is our Lifestyle Pass. It gives people full access to all our fitness facilities and classes, plus kayaking and stand up paddle boarding downtown on the Oklahoma River, at the Lake Overholser Boathouse, and at the Lake Hefner Boathouse.

What are you doing in your organization to increase engagement? I would encourage you to look at relationships you’ve already established, and see what opportunities there are to get additional engagement.

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