Act on your dreams to make a difference

Danny Cavett, Cavett Kids Foundation

Some people dream big. They’re long on dreams but short on action. Some people never dream. They’re more pragmatic. But unless you dream, and act on your dreams, you can’t make a difference!

If I hadn’t started acting on my dream, Cavett Kids never would have grown to where it is today. Back when we started, we had one camp and all I had to raise was $5,000 a year. Now we have six camps serving nearly 360 children with various life-threatening and chronic illnesses, made possible by raising around $800,000 a year. And of course, I had a little push from friends and family throughout the years.

We tell our kids the same thing! At our big camps, we have kids that wouldn’t say anything in the classroom. They just sat in the back. Then at our talent show, everyone is encouraging them to get up on stage and do something! We have kids with facial deformities getting up on stage! We have kids that couldn’t get up on stage on their own, and other kids will jump up and help them up.

Isn’t that great? Don’t we all want that encouragement and help in our lives to act on our dreams?

In fact, many of those kids end up performing in our big annual fundraiser, Cavett Kids Got Talent. We sell tables, have food, and there’s even a silent auction. But the entertainment is the kids.

Because they acted on their dreams and got help from others, they’re willing and able to get up on stage in front of complete strangers and perform!

Our next fundraiser is coming up on Friday, November 16, and we’d love to have you. If you want to see some kids that are acting on their dream, you can find out more at

Are you acting on your dreams? Take action so you can make a difference!

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