Not status quo

Timothy Harlin, TrustPoint Insurance

We live in a world of statuses. I’m not talking about your economics status, but what describes you right now? It is a smiley face? Is it a do not disturb sign?

I like to say that my status is not status quo. I discovered that very quickly after college. I think I disappointed some of the people that invested so much in my education when I graduated without a job.

Plenty of people graduated without a job, but not by choice. I did so by choice. I was a straight A student. I studied hard. I was involved inside and outside the classroom. But when I graduated, I hadn’t really found what I wanted to do yet!

In today’s world, that’s tagged as millennialism, but that wasn’t as much of a label back when I graduated. I do remember realizing there were a lot of people that were important in my life. They had helped impact the person I had become. But they wanted me to do certain things with my career, and I had other plans!

I graduated with a great degree in a field that there was high demand for. My major was accounting, and I could have easily sat for the CPA exam or taken a lot of other related career paths. But that wasn’t for me.

Instead, I waited tables for a while. I decided to wait to find a great opportunity, which actually ended up coming sooner than I had expected.

Being willing to look outside the box to get the things out of life that I want has really defined my career. Are you willing to look outside the box? Is your status not status quo?


  1. Carrie on September 17, 2019 at 10:24 am

    Great comments! Thinking and acting outside the box makes for great innovators!

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