3 lessons for better digital marketing

Mike Crandall, Sandler Custom Growth Solutions

Back in November 2019 we had a special treat at OKPSA. We had our first ever panel that shared how digital technology fits in with sales, and much of that bridged into marketing.

Our panel was made of three digital marketing experts. The panelists were Gunnar Hood, co-founder of WSI-Summit, Alyssa Murphy, owner & founder of Siren Media, and Tim Priebe, owner of T&S Online Marketing.

As you might expect, they shared best practices on tips on how to sell in a world that’s online. Among other things, they shared how sales and marketing should go hand in hand.

Sales and marketing

And I emphasize heavily the word “should.” I came out of a large corporate world where often sales and marketing were fighting all the time. When I worked for a very large Fortune 500 company, it seems like about half of our energy every year was sales blaming mistakes on marketing and marketing blaming mistakes on sales.

They should go hand in hand! What you do in marketing should start the conversation and make the phone ring, or whatever your preferred method of contact is. Sales is what happens after that. It’s important that they’re working well together, or we end up with lots of challenges.

The panelists also shared many other helpful items. At the very end of our panel, they shared these final thoughts that were extremely helpful.

Gunnar Hood

Start with strategy. Once you have that, let it turn into informed decision making about where you go with your digital marketing.

Tim Priebe

Commit to consistency. You can tweak things, but commit for one or two years. You can’t do something new for just a couple months and expect to start seeing results.

Alyssa Murphy

Strategy is more important than specific tactics. Tactics alone will just frustrate you. Have a clear vision of what needs to be done and everything else becomes clear.

Thanks to all three of the panelists that shared their expertise with us. As always, OKPSA members can access both the video and audio of the luncheon by logging into our website.

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